a website concerned with the historical

and archaeological exploration and documentation
of the ancient district of Akhmîm-Panopolis in Upper Egypt


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The Archaeological Information System AiS Mîn-Panos has been designed as a research tool for interdisciplinary research on the Archaeology and History of the Nomos Panopolites from prehistoric times to the end of Late Antiquity.

The AiS Mîn-Panos comprises seven main components (data bases) interactively linked to each other. All data base entries are georeferenced and retrievable through the main interactive archaeological map.

These main databases are:

MAPS – a database comprising all kinds of archaeological maps of the Akhmîm district

PLACES – a database of all documented historic places, i.e. toponyms known from documentary and literary sources, archaeological sites, monuments, and objects scientifically studied

OBJECTS – a database of finds from the Akhmîm district now kept in collections and museums all over the world

PEOPLE – a prosopographical database comprising metadata of persons from the Akhmîm district including information on their genealogy

COLLECTIONS – a database providing information on all collections and museums world wide that keep objects from the Akhmîm district

ARCHIVES – a database comprising modern archives (documentary, photographic, graphic) including documentations on the history and archaeology of the Akhmîm District

LIBRARY a bibliographical database including publications concerning the archaeology and history of the Akhmîm district

All databases provide metadata as well as documentation and (photo)graphical representations of the primary data.

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